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“Microwave+VACUUM unique capabilities”

"Microwave+vacuum: from simple to complex"  

"Problems and prospects of microwave drying of wood"

"Drying timbers without cracks"

"Unconventional wood drying: vacuum and microwave"

"Drying wood with electromagnetic waves”

Second birth of the magnetron direction

Prof.Dr.J. B. Ressel Developments in Vacuum Drying and Press Drying of Timber.

Zhangjing Chen. Primary Driving Force in Wood Vacuum Drying


PATENT № 2199064

Unit for drying dielectric materials with microwave power.

PATENT № 2211416

Unit for conveyor microwave drying of dielectric materials.

PATENT № 2228497

Method for drying sawn wood with microwave power.

PATENT № 2250428

Method for drying round timber with microwave power.


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