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Microwave generators.

We would like to offer you microwave generators with the power of 50, 75 and 100 kW operating at 915 MHz frequency. The microwave generators consist of two blocks, the first one being the magnetron’s power sources with and automatic control system. The second block constitutes a microwave module, including a solenoid with a control and computing mechanism, a filament transformer and a magnetron. Upon the customer’s request, microwave generators can be equipped with an independent magnetron and solenoid cooling system.

Microwave generator with output power of 50 kW with a frequency of 915 MHz.

Power source Dimensions 1000x800x1800 mm (WxDxH)

Weight 800 kg.

Microwave generator price 40.000$.

The price of power supply 25.000$.


The operation of the microwave generator is fully automated and is controlled by controllers. In addition, microwave generators are equipped with remote control panels. A software program for managing your process can be integrated in the controller of the microwave generator.

Power microwave generator panel.


Microwave module

Bench tests of the microwave generator

Autonomous cooling system of the magnetron and the solenoid



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